Access half-diminished guitar chord symbol

How do I access the half-diminished guitar chord symbol? It’s in the list of chord symbols, but I’ve tried quite a few possibilities. For example, typing Gdim(flat7) in the popover gives the incorrect symbol Gdim. Is there a list anywhere of what needs to be typed to get a particular symbol?


Ed Roberts

If you want to see this Ø, you have to set it in engrave options!


Thanks! I was going crazy, but then (probably as you were writing your reply) I tried the “obvious” Xhalfdim and it worked. For this particular piece I don’t want to use the Ø so I didn’t set it in engrave options.


I am surprised that they don’t accept the word “flat” in that context and require the flat symbol. I haven’t had the need to enter accidentals as text for ages and totally forgot how. Does it require a font change, or is there a shortcut? I want to try your solution.

Thanks again!


No it’s just a small “b”!

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Thanks! Don’t know why that didn’t occur to me :crazy_face: