Access previous versions of Cubase

My brother passed away recently. He composed many songs and used Cubase to record them. I have been asked by his wife to to try and download them.
He has several versions of Cubase on his computer, and I have successfully accessed and downloaded everything he has in version 11. However, I know from his paper records and his wife, that he has many more songs I cannot find. I suspect they see in them previous versions of Cubase, but when I try to open those I get a message that it cannot access VST files and will not open.
Can anyone help me overcome this problem? His wife is desperate to be able to listen to his recordings.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

It might be, the plug-ins are not installed at the system anymore.

But, if it’s “just” the case of old 32-bit plug-ins, you can install Cubase 8.5 32-bit, what was the last 32-bit Cubase. With Cubase 11 license, you can start Cubase 8.5 too. Try to open the projects in Cubase 8.5 32-bit. Hopefully this will work for you.

I am not near his home at the moment to try again, but I already tried the oldest version which I think was 7 and got the same message. Is there a way to install this plug in?


Cubase shows the message, which plug-in exactly is missing. You can install it from the plug-in vendor’s installer.