Access to the 8.0.10 Full Installer?

I need to rollback to .10.

But the .10 update wouldn’t install over .20 (greyed-out).

So, like an idiot, I uninstalled .20.

Also, like an idiot, I didn’t download the .10 9GB full installer when I had the chance (last week).

Rather than install the 2014 v8 and then install the .10 update, is the full .10 download still available anywhere?

Thank you!

Btw, I do have a .10 bootable image backup that I took right before the .20 upgrade, so I can rollback that way. I’d just like not to do that, because I upgraded some other plugins since then, uninstalled a couple plugins to move to a different DAW, etc.

Hello Jalcide,

we do not have the 8.0.10 full release version package - if you only uninstalled the Cubase application, perhaps you could just run the Cubase 8 .msi and then apply the 8.0.10 patch? (or was this what you wanted to avoid?) The .msi installer is located in the root directory of the DVD / ISO image.


For future reference: To roll back on windows all you needed to do was tick “show installed updates” in the windows install page and then you can uninstall just the update leaving the previous version.

I would just use the 8.0 plus update if you have them already…I doubt an all in one installer would be anything other than the original plus update anyhow.

Thanks much, Grim.

Yes, I did know that. I used the term “rollback,” but was really wanting to perform a physical re-installation to confirm my issues with .20 are not missing or corrupt file related.

But it’s good you posted that nugget of info here, for the archives.

Thanks for the lightning-fast reply, Fabio.

No biggie. In future, I’ll make sure to grab the full installs while they’re available. I think they do include the current maintenance releases in them as an install option (correct me if I’m wrong).

Great idea about the .msi. That’s what I’ll do.


I need to go back to 8.0.10 as well, as I have too many problems with the new version.
Where can I find the .10 update only please ? I didn’t get it.

PS : I had to uninstall everything so now I’m left with 8.0 + 8.0.20, I can’t go back with Windows, I need the 8.0.10 installer…

Bump. Maybe one of the support mods can get this for you!

I agree that they should always make these past versions easily available.

A mod sent me a PM, he’s going to give me a link tomorrow, yay :slight_smile:
Thanks mate.


for anyone who needs the 8.0.10 update patch, please find it here: