Access variaudio (and others) in bottom editor window?

Do I have to detach the editor window in order to get the left zone that has all the crucial stuff like variaudio, audiowarp and hit points, etc? Seems like a huge missed opportunity. Makes the bottom zone editor window pretty much useless. If I’m missing something, please point it out!

You can access Variaudio etc. via the Inspector when you’re in the bottom zone editor.

That’s a huge win, for lining things up with the project events!

How do I get the inspector window to show up down there?

OK I see now - I have to hit “editor” on the left inspector tab. This makes the information pop up way on the top left of my screen, though (I have a 4 screen setup with the arranger window occupying the left two screens vertically)… Kinda takes away the point of focusing on the bottom zone for editing.

Can anyone suggest how to make a shortcut to Variaudio? In previous versions I could just double click on the part and go straight to it. Now if the bottom zone is not open I have at least 3 clicks.

agreed- we need faster access to Variaudio on the lower pane. It slows down the workflow which is otherwise enhanced by having it the lower pane - which is super cool.

Also - it seems to “forget” that Variaudio is enabled . like you work in some tuning, exit the editor to do something else, return and now have to press the variaudio tag again.

It’s a bug.

I don’t know if it’s reported yet…

From Steinberg on another forum - shortcut to variaudio:
“Cubase > Preferences > Editors > There you can select if by double clicking the event it will open on a new Window or on the lower zone editor, you can also do the same thing for the key command.”