Access Virus Control shortens notes across all versions


The problem is, that after loading a preset with the Virus control VST software, and transpose a note in the editor, i am faced with a shorter sustained note rather than the full length of the midi note. This may happen after a second time loading the project and sometimes happens when there are more than 2 tracks loaded in the midi editor.

This issue has never been fixed across all Cubase versions i have owned (6-10) and even the Mac versions were also affected. I was hoping this can be addressed in the latest version.

There is a link to it here on the virus forums where a few members are getting the same issue, and it seems to only affect Cubase users.


Indeed. For me it happens espiacially in projects with one or more fast 16th not sequencer lines running.

It generally happens after a while of working in the project, and almost always when looping a section.

It can be cured by either removing and adding the plugin or by closing and re-opening the project.

Especially with shorter note lengths or 16th notes its more prominent and definitely guaranteed to happen each time i transpose or move a note in a project that has more than a few patches loaded…Other DAW’s do not exhibit this issue, it seems it’s only appearing to be all Cubase editions.

Do you have an exact repro ?

Actually, even clicking on a note in the editor window on the midi note triggers this behavior. I can change midi channel of the virus control editor and load the patch on another midi channel, and have it play back the same patch perfectly without issue, but if i reload another patch in the original midi channel, the issue remains that way until Cubase is restarted or the project is reloaded.

For me, most of the times if i load more than 8 midi channels int he Virus editor in a current project ,and move a note on midi key editor, or click on it etc it will trigger this event 100% of the time. I will try and record it in action to show you what i mean exactly. Also to add to this, it’s not every channel either, it could be midi channel 2 with the issue but 1 and 3 are fine, and if i reload the same project but touch a note on channel 3, the issue will arise on that channel while channel 2 is normal again…This makes it hard to pinpoint at times.

Yeah would be great if you could make a video of it.
Much easier to explain what’s going on…


The Virus has 2 chips 1 and 3 would be on 1 chip, 2 and 4 are on the other, it’s a good idea to split the bigger patches that way (apparently). I have noticed something similar to what you describe happen in the past. It was always 1 project, 1 specific sound that would go into a half note length, it ended up being inspiration for the second loop of the melody (it sounded good). I never did figure it out as to why it happened. The only way to solve the issue was to reload the project. After I made a few registry tweaks it stopped happening. Hasn’t happened on my new build (fingers crossed).

You may have a bad chip!!!

I will get a video of the issue soon!
Hey Mitchiemasha I have owned 3 Virus TI2’s (two desktops variant’s and current is polar) and all three exhibit the same issue only all only in Cubase…by the way what’s the registry fix if you dont mind sharing what you did?

A) Go here…
Windows Start Menu. Type ‘System Information’ load. Expand ‘Hardware Resources’. Click ‘Conflicts/Sharing’

B) Go here… (this is also an easier way of seeing what USB devices are on the same hub).
Windows Start Menu. Type ‘Device Manager’ load. View ‘Devices by connection’. Expand ‘ACPI x64-based PC’. Expand 'Microsoft ‘ACPI-Compliant System’. Expand ‘PCI Express Root Complex’. Expand your USB Host and Root Hubs until you find the Virus TI. Right Click the ‘Host Controller’ the TI is in, load Properties. Resources Tab. Here you will see the IRQ the TI is using.

If that IRQ is showing in ‘Conflict/Sharing’… Use a different port. Once you’re on a non sharing IRQ, priorities it in reg edit (i’ll explain that later)!

Unfortunately some (most) motherboards disregard the importance of USB 1.1. and lump it with other things. If you only have 1 host controller that might be unlucky. My old MB had many, the same port would use different IRQ’s depending on USB type connected and the 2 ports on the same header had different Host.

I did write a long post over on the Virus forum.

Would be nice if you could put up a link to your post.

Anyway, IMO this has nothing to do with the original problem. It’s not about a bad Virus CPU’s or USB connections. It’s a problem that is specific to Cubase. It does not happend in Logic, and I’ve not seen it reported by Ableton Live users either.

It’s a random problem that occasionally happens, it might be the case that you haven’t triggered it in those applications yet. How could one know that it was specific to Cubase? Unless it was happening everytime we couldn’t be sure. It could be related to VST3/VST2, 32/64 or if you load as Track/Rack instrument, if you’re loading a different version in the other software… But I can’t think of any reason Cubase would make this happen, especially as it only happens with the Virus. It has to be something related to the relationship of the 2.

and I’ve not seen it reported by Ableton Live users either.

Most users can’t get it to work properly at all so don’t even use it integrated.

There’s a few posts, this 1 is part 3

Because the note-shorting happens consistently and repeatable in certain Cubase projects after a couple of minutes, and in probably every Cubase project after working extensively for a couple of hours. I’m so used to reload the plugin, the project or Cubase that I can’t tell whether there’s a single Cubase project where it never happened to me. But I guess not.

And the same problem did never occur in Logic projects, regardless of how many hours I worked in them.

Naturally, it might have to do with the VST platform (-> Steinberg), Cubase VST implementation (-> Steinberg) or the Virus Control VST implementation (-> Access). But I doubt the latter, since they most probably use some sort of provided framework.

However, there are other Cubase specific problems with Virus Control when rendering Audio, and those are happening always, consistently and repeatably.

Again something that never happens in Logic. Taking that into account, it hints that the source of the problems between Virus Control and Cubase is rather on Cubase’s side.

Considering it’s not happening to me… it is either USB issue or how there’s different ways we can load the Virus in Cubase. Are you using the Virus as a VST3 in both DAWS. Also don’t forget we can now load it as a standard instrument, not just in the rack.

Another idea is… You could send me a Cubase project that you are suffering the issue with.