Access Virus TI & Cubase 5.5.2 Question....

I have had my TI for close to a year now. I have never been able to use the Access controller program without some sort of timing issues…
I followed the video tutorial that shows how to use the Virus Ti with Cubase… that made no difference.

Am I the only one who has this problem?

Some of the main issues for me are…
Delay in playback of the Virus audio (via usb cable)
Delayed midi infomation being recorded into Cubase
Delayed audio being recorded into Cubase from Virus after using Cubase as my sequencer.

Am I alone? I feel like selling my TI and only using VST’s since my TI has basically been a $2300 triggering device these days. :confused:

I sold my TI a few months ago, so I can’t test any of these issues for you, but I don’t recall having any of these issues aside from the delayed audio being recorded (that’s to be expected with recording ANY audio). As always, you should be on the latest version of the Virus software. There have been numerous updates that have addressed timing issues. When I first had the Virus, I had very few timing issues but those got resolved over time. For the last year or so that I had it, it worked perfectly fine.

If you have the Virus on a hub, definitely take it off of there and connect it directly to the computer, and also try all of the available USB ports on the computer as sometimes even built-in ports can be on an internal hub. What version of Windows are you on?

I have it plugged into a self powered port (500mA) as instructed by the Access PDF Manual. For Win 7 64 pro

I have been back and forth with Access’ tech support team regarding the time delay in midi information. The say that isn’t normal and they couldn’t recreate it on their end.

Why did you sell your Virus TI?

I don’t have anything to say except it works great for me.
Be sure to follow the instructions from Access on how to install the Virus drivers etc.
The USB port you use must not be shared with anything else (motherboards use internal hubs).

Also, remember that the Virus may require a bit higher latency settings on your soundcard. More info in the manual.

I love the Virus btw :slight_smile:

Although the Virus TI is a great synth, in and of itself, it just never got much use from me. I found myself going to synths like Sylenth1, Massive, and V-Station far more often to get the sounds I needed. I don’t know what it is about them, but they’re pretty much my “go to” synths and the Virus just never made it into that category for some reason.

I ve heard many horror stories about Virus ti but most of the time it works great for me.Occasionally it doesn’t synchronize as it should in Cubase the first time i hit play in a song but then it gets fixed.Most of the time a Virus doesn’t work right it’s a bad usb connection i think.I never use beta OS releases and i don’t update unless the new features are necessary to me.I am on 4.1 now ,i hear they are working on a 4.5 release.
It’s a great sounding synth and light on a pc’s cpu so i hope you can fix your problems and use it more often.

Never use the first bars in Cubase. Sometimes the Virus is not syncing and you need to hit Stop/Play again, but this isn’t really problem as long as your computers CPU is overloaded (I can use 16 channels and 3 USB stereo outputs in the Virus without problems).

…I just wish Sidechain Input for VST Instruments would work in Cubase.

For Cubase 6 maybe? :slight_smile: