Access Virus TI Remote Mode Cubase 12 Remote Editor Issues

Anybody with a Virus TI? In REMOTE MODE, I can’t seem to get Cubase 12 Remote Editor to respond to the midi . Connected via USB.

Strange thing is… synths like AVENGER are showing midi coming in from the remote mode TI, and I can use the synths knobs with the learn function of the VST, to map in the VST. No matter which setting I select in Cubase Remote Editor, twiddling the knob doesn’t activate the knob in the Cubase Editor to make assignable to a feature.

I’ve set up Cubase Remote Editor with a different midi controller keyboard and this worked as expected.

The TI has SYNTH and MIDI as the options to select in the first stages of set up in the Remote editor, I’ve tried both.

What have I missed? Any suggestions welcome. Thank you

Solved… not sure exactly what I did but loading Cubase whilst the TI was in Remote Mode seemed to solve the issue. Using “synth” option for the TI in Cubase in the remote editor set up, not “midi” (I did originally try both options to no avail). Now Cubase remote editor recognises knob movement on the TI. And, we can now load Cubase regardless to the TI being in remote mode, and everything still works.

The great thing about the TI remote mode is we can set up different pages quite easily in the TI VST control. Name the pages and scroll them on the TI for different midi number layouts, depending on what we’re using.

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is the TI remote mode something you set on the synth itself? dealing with the same exact issue myself ha.

found it

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Yes, we have to switch the TI into remote mode. This separates the knobs from the synth itself. we can then scroll through various pages of the remote (which is basically just the knobs set as different CC numbers).

It did take me a while to figure out how to assign numbers to each knob in the Virus Control VST, but once it clicked it’s really easy.