Access Virus TI VST Plugin editor window refresh issue in HiDPI mode

When using HiDPI setttings in Cubase 11 Pro, Virus TI VST Plug-In in scaled mode does not refresh its window content properly. Moving plugin editor window out of view and bringing it back (or toggling the “Always on top” option will refresh the window content but as long as the content (inner tab) changes, the window is not refreshed correctly (as it shows only the “non-scaled” area is refreshed).

When used in non-scaled mode, it works as expected.

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I hate to be the bearer of bad (and very unhelpful) news. But Access Music has basically abandoned development of the “TI” (Total Control) software plugin. It looks like you are on a PC. So you might want to check out Mystery Islands Virus TI editor plugin. That may work better.