access VIRUS TI2 Polar vs Yamaha Montage 6.

Hi everyone.

I’m going to buy either access VIRUS TI2 Polar or Yamaha Montage 6. So, help me to decide.

I’m, personally, closer to the first one. access VIRUS TI2 Polar is much more flexible with more options
to choose. There are more oscillators, effects and so on.

What do professionals and newbies inhere think of that?

And how will all of that reflect/impact to Cubase 7/8, in other words, how is it going to work with Cubase 7/8
at all? Anybody knows inhere?

Thanks for any feedback in advance.


Thanks for the answer accordingly to Roland A-49 WH. All’s working well.


I’ve downloaded a lot of stuff, which concern to access VIRUS TI2 Polar:

Manuals and Tutorials, Installers, Sounds, Auxillary Software and famous VirusUpdater_x64.

So, I suspect, I’m ready for any surprises.

But, I’d like to know, what d’you all think of “subject”, anyway?

Thanks again.

It’s been found while surfing the Steinberg Forum. The man with nickname - “Modulator” had said following:

  1. Access VIRUS TI2 had all models (rack, Polar, keyboard) did not like the sound quality, too much trance thing,
    integration with DAW did not work, though Fatar keys were excellent really liked the touch feel and playability.
    Sold it.

…integration with DAW did not work…

Anybody can add anything? :unamused: