Accessibility: selected note highlight colour

Cubase Pro has a lot of colour customisation options.

Is there an option to customise the colour of notes that are selected in the piano roll?

At present, selected notes are basically black, which is the colour of my background because I have a clinical condition called photophobia which makes it painful to look at bright lights.

Thanks in anticipation


Iā€™m sorry, there is no way to set this.

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Thanks for the definitive answer, Martin. I will put in a feature request: seems odd that the company gave me a lovely discount for being legally blind and yet this, I imagine it is just an over-sight (no pun intended).

The only way I have found to discuss this is through the vote option on this forum. Since this is an issue that will probably only effect the partially sighted, this issue would probably only get votes from a very small number of folk.

Is there any other way to make a request or raise an issue?

At the moment this is the only issue that makes Cubase very difficult to use.