Accessing An External Instrument's Wave Expansion Board in Cubase 11

Recently installed a Roland JV-1010 (1010) and installed a wave expansion board in it. While I can easily access the 1010 in Cubase 11 as an external instrument, nearly all of the 1010’s patches show up except the wave expansion board’s patches. Surely I’ve missed something simple. Any help/guidance would be appreciated!

You’ll have to look up the proper controller messages to access the expansion card…I have a Roland JV-1000 with the Vintage Synth expansion but never added the Roland as an instrument in Cubase, just my Kurzweil K2500XS, but even then I don’t use it. The software libraries I have are so far ahead sonically I only use the Roland once in a while as a live instrument…and the Kurzweil I use strictly as a 88 key controller. Good luck, check the Roland manual for the info you need :slight_smile:

Thank you, Bill - I appreciate your comments about the correct controller and am still trying to coordinate the sounds within Cubase. Both the Roland manual and the expansion card information are somewhat limited. Yes, the newer sounds are quite excellent but the 1010 has some perfect sounds for my gaming music projects. I think I’ve been spoiled a lot since 1999! Cheers - Z