accessing Auron etc.

Just upgraded to 5 … can’t find the new “instruments” … are these just macro pages? If do, how do I know which presets use them?

I did see that this question was asked previously, but I’m still confused. I installed Halion using an admin account on a Mac.

Thanks in advance!!!



just go to the HALion MediaBay and click on the button that says “All instrument sets”. The library selector will show up where you can choose Auron and only the Auron presets will be listed.

Thank you. For those with a similar problem (Auron, etc. not appearing under “All instrument sets”), what worked for me was re-downloading Halion 5 and re-installing it (I just had to get around to it). Interestingly, I had done a full install (everything but AU) last month, and did the same again; this time it worked.