Accessing different versions of the manual

Hello, we stumble about the problem of having different versions of Dorico’s web version of the handbook / help / manual.
It would be helpful, if we could navigate through the different versions on the same page, similar to the system, which a big :green_apple: computer company uses: to have a popup selection list to choose between different versions.
I don’t know, whether this way of linking up the manuals requires a complete rewrite. Also I don’t know, whether the system is somehow copyrighted or whether it is standard web page programming.

Example link:

This has been brought up many times, and Daniel and Lillie have replied that they want to do something like it. I’m sure they are familiar with Apple’s help pages. One issue for Dorico documentation is that some of the topics and even whole sections included change from one version to another. Daniel said more recently that they are working on a new publishing system that they hope will support this.

You have to remember that the entire Steinberg company uses the same documentation software, so changing anything has to involve the Cubase people, and the Nuendo people, etc.

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That’s good to know. The same had been true for the licensing system. It is quite possible that Dorico initiated the change (to the better) :slight_smile:

The project to move our documentation to a new platform is ongoing, and it should bring a good number of improvements, including the ability to switch between different versions and indeed languages on the fly.


Absolutely - bear with us, it will be worth the wait I promise!


Will this mean eventually that Google searches will all direct to the same place and it will be easy, then, to find the appropriate version of the topic?

It’s hard to predict exactly what will happen with Google indexing, but I believe each version will still have unique URLs, so it will still be possible for different versions to be indexed separately.

And indeed @Lillie_Harris and @dspreadbury the new help site (manual and documentation etc.) looks and works amazing!!! Thank you for this!!!


Ooh. When did that happen?

The font’s a bit wide and thin for my tastes.

But more importantly: when I go to the landing page from the app’s Help menu, I get a list of:

Dorico 4.3.0 Plug-in Reference.
Dorico Elements 3.5 Operation Manual
Dorico Elements Help
Dorico First Steps
First Steps
Plug-in Reference (4.3)

… followed by a list of actual help pages, some of them repeated three times.

Clicking on the checkbox for v5.1 makes things a bit more obvious (though I lose the tokens and popover references at the top; and I still get three copies of every page, for Pro, Elements and SE.

The old version have a “front”, and you could browse it more obviously, couldn’t you?

The filters on the left (and on the home page, next to the big search field) are quite powerful – meaning you can filter for Dorico, Pro, 5.1 and then search everything related to that version.

There are still some things we know we want to add or change, so there will be refinements coming in the near future as well. Obviously, feedback from users as you use it will be informative, so do let us know about your experiences.


As well as having to select the version, it is necessary to de-select three flavours of that version before finding a link to the actually useful page to start a search. I can bear to do that once but not at every access. It is better just to keep the link in a browser.

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Lillie, love your work, as ever.

However, this page:

… which has the Table of Contents, seems to be a lot more of a ‘helpful’ landing than

… which is where “Help > Dorico Help” takes me.

Thanks for the feedback – it’s been noted :slight_smile:

The TOC on the manual landing page is gorgeous, isn’t it? However, it doesn’t make it easy to access the plug-in reference, First Steps guide, separate popover/token PDFs …

At the moment, where you land is the equivalent for the old site’s page with separate tiles for each associated document. It may or may not stay like that forever.

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The only way I can see to get to the on line help manual is by adding a bookmark separate from the help menu in Dorico.
It is a nice layout.
I can’t open the PDF formatted docs in Safari from the current link in the help menu but they do open in Opera.

Very small point here, but I just want to check on my own attention to detail:

Did an Announcements post pinned to the forum ever go out when this updated manual went live and I simply missed it? I don’t remember seeing it, and it was a surprise when things suddenly looked different, my Notation Express Stream Deck profile link didn’t work, the new page includes a (meaningless?) “sign-in” prompt in the upper R that resulted in an error, etc.

Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to checking out the new manual, which I now seem to be able to get to without trouble.

Could the Dorico Help link under the Help menu automatically direct to the version matching the user’s app? feature-request

An announcement went out, but was swiftly removed as there was an SSL certificate issue initially. I don’t think the announcement has been restored.

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