Accessing Glyphs in the Edit Accidental Window

I am trying to access glyphs in the November2 music font in the edit accidental window using the range menu. When I open the range drop down menu I see a list of categories that are based upon the SMuFL unicode categories. (See images.)

If the glyphs are not categorized into the standard SMuFL unicode ranges, how do I access those glyphs?


I’m not in front of Dorico, but I believe you should be able to get them into the editor as text rather than as glyphs – provided they’re mapped to unicode code points.

Thank you,

I just tried using the “text” option (instead of “glyph” or “graphic”), and for the style then I select “font.november2” but I can’t figure out how to indicate precise unicode point. I have entered the unicode (U+F5F2, for example) into the “Enter text here” field, but it only creates the literal text I enter, the unicode designation. (See screenshot.)

Yes, you’ll need a way to input unicode characters.

I’m not on a Mac so I can’t help you there, but maybe this part of the Bravura docs can help?

Thank you. This solves the problem.

Although not as well as if November2 glyphs mapped more closely to the SMuFL categories. This will be a lot slower.

Again, thank you for the help; it’s greatly appreciated.


Those accidentals, are they included in the SMuFL specification? If so, I would raise the issue with Robert Piéchaud: November claims to be SMuFL compliant after all.

Otherwise I’d argue that Dorico needs a way to access any given Unicode glyph anyway…

There are glyphs in November 2 that have corresponding glyphs in Bravura, but they don’t occupy the same unicode location. November 2 doesn’t really organize its glyphs the same way as Bravura does:

I sent Robert Piéchaud an email about this issue. Thank you again for your help.