Accessing my files when I've accidentally denied access.

Hello all, I’ve accidentally denied access to my documents folder. I’ve just installed Dorico Elements 3.5, and in my tiredness and hurry I accidentally clicked on “deny” instead of “allow”, and the musicXML files in my documents folder that I want to open are not accessible. How can I go back and give Dorico permission to access my documents folder?
I’m hoping that somebody can help me.

windows or mac? If the former then often you need to reassign ownership of the folder after which you should be able to reassign the permissions to the contents. Just type “accidentally denied access to folder in windows 10” into google and you should soon find the appropriate answer. I’ve had to do this myself at work often enough. I seldom came across the issue with Macs but again google is your friend as they say!

Julian555, in theory you should be able to go to the Security & Privacy pane of System Preferences, and on the Privacy tab choose Files and Folders, then find Dorico in the list and check the various boxes for the Documents folder, etc. This page has more information.