Acciaccaturas imported from Sibelius MusicXML export not playing back correctly

I have found that in as far as I can remember all Sibelius projects I exported via MusicXML the standard grace notes (acciaccaturas) mostly do not play back correctly. It makes no difference whether I export compressed or not. it also makes no difference if I use the Dolet 6 plugin instead of the normal Sibelius export. What happens is that instead of the acciaccatura being played as quickly as possible as you’d expect, they take on a longer value, around the length of the main note although this can vary. What is particularly strange is that if I create just a short test project in Sibelius, the issue does not occur – only in “real” work files which typically last 20 minutes or longer. I have version 7.1.3 and have no way of knowing if the behaviour is different with the latest version, though I doubt it.

As many Dorico converts will have exported work from Sibelius, I was hoping that some might have come across the same issue, despite the fact that on a very short demo file, it seems OK.

Slashed and unslashed grace notes are played differently (IIRC), so you might try switching them in the Properties Panel and see if that helps your playback.

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that’s exactly it! As Sibelius doesn’t seem to distinguish between acciaccaturas and appoggiaturas in playback, I somehow often got into the (bad) habit of only using the unslashed variety there – although there were occasions when I really did want an appoggiatura. Because in Dorico, the slash is very feint, I generally didn’t notice but that is indeed exactly what was happening. And of course in my test project, I did use the acciaccaturas correctly which is why that turned out OK.