Accidental automation clicking is annoying!

So I have no more patience - I come to ask for help:
Lets say I have tons of automation tracks for faders/ effects/ vst, so the whole sequencing window is busy with automation, my problem is this: if I click anywhere accidentally to return back to sequencing window from a mix console or piano roll and land on any automation, it CREATES AN UNINTENTIONAL POINT in that track. For example: say there is a volume fader set at certain number . I accidentally click on its automation and make it some other number. then i delete the point realizing the mistake, but the fader still stays at the new value so that creates a problem bc I don’t remember what was the original value of the fader. My question is How to enable automation edit only when i want to?? lets say i just want all the automation to display in the window, and just scroll thru it or selecting other tracks without affecting the automation. I know most of you who gonna say “F6 - hide all”. To that I say, reread my post. The problem right now is I have multiple tracks, and then group faders, those group faders have no automation. but if I try to select tracks by using the mouse (click and hold then drag to select) and starting at those group tracks, the F****ng automation point is created!!

maybe this will help. I come from Fl stuido( a long time ago) and it had actual automation tracks, that did not span thru the whole seq window. it was kind of bound to its little box( or however big u made it) and thus only changes to that automation u could make is by going into that box. Pretty much Id like to know if there is a way to disable any automation edits, and enable it only when the potential track is selected ( in the track panel)

Also another issue: lets say I created an automation for a track, how can I edit only that track’s automation without affecting other automation (above and below)? Meaning, if I want to affect only THIS fader’s automation, how to isolate it from the rest, bc the points of automation are extremely close to the upper and lower borders of other tracks, and when u try to select those points, sometimes again - u accidentally click the other track’s( above or below ) automation and again create an automation point that u did not want.

P.S:excuse the grammar. I’m trying to make a track, and half the time fighting with automation.

Well you could lock the Track or even just lock selected Automation Lanes on the Track. That will inhibit accidental changes.

That said, most folks don’t seem to have a problem creating accidental automation points even without locking anything. So there is probably something specific you are doing that causes this. It would be really useful if you could post a screenshot or even better a GIF showing the problem occurring.

There are are Key Commands that let you show and hide the actual automation lanes (not the F6 panel) in the Project Window. If you can’t see the automation you can’t accidentally click on it.

Idk how to do gifs of a screen recording, but here is best way i could explain it, If the mouse cursor in on group track, and I accidentally click in that tracks zone (lower border), then it creates an automation point, even tho that track is not selected in the inspector. Or another scenario, if the track already has automation, and then I accidentally click on its curve, it creates a point. I like the idea of locking the track, that is pretty much want I want - create automation only when that track is selected or highlighted or something.

here is the second one. Im just used to doing things a certain way, like highlighting things vertically ( hold mouse button then drag up or down to select tracks) and so when i do that, i sometimes land on those borders of group tracks or something, and it makes those points ( they are already in the group folder ) if i have to relearn then its fine, I’m just wondering if there is a way to disable the automation creation globally, until i select a certain track and specifically say “now i want to create automation, but only on the track that i selected”

Try using something like this so we can see what actions you are taking that result in unwanted automation points.

PIPES DRY IS A GROUP VOLUME CHANNEL( HAS THE VOLUME PARAM). Maybe there is a way to change the default automation parameter of a volume track? since it creates automation bc there already is a parameter there( volume).

Also one more question: I created automation for a track ( cutoff filter as an example) , then I hid the automation (F6-hide) to not mess with it, then I decided to move all of the events a few bars forward. And when I do that, the automation stayed unmoved bc its hidden. The only way to move the automation with the rest of the events is to unhide it. Question - is there a way to move hidden automation?

It looks like you are trying to automate stuff on your MIDI Track by adding automation data to a Group Track that your VSTi is routed to.

That’s not really the best way to do it. If for example you want to automate the Volume of the Instrument then put that automation on an Automation Lane for the VSTi’s audio output, not to the Group Channel where that audio output is routed. But if you wanted to automate a parameter on the VSTi (like Pitchbend) then you would need to do that on an Automation Lane for the MIDI Track.

I’d suggest you switch from using MIDI Tracks with a Rack Instrument and instead use Instrument Tracks which combing the midi and audio all into a single channel. That will allow you to put all your automation on lanes under the Instrument Track - both audio and MIDI. Also the way you are doing it now there is no established relationship between the automation and your MIDI Parts. But if you use Instrument Tracks then Cubase will know that your automation is attached to the Events on the Track (also need to have Preferences/Edit/Automation Follows Events checked).

That’s the point - I don’t want to automate the group track. just when u click on that lower border - it creates that point. which drives me nuts. this is just an example of the project that had the midi tracks. I’m talking about general group tracks, like drums for example, all of them(hi hats, snare, toms) will be routed to a group track, which still will have the default volume automation lane , that can be clicked on that low border of the track. The only solution to my problem is like i said to hide any group tracks from the track palette. But what I’m asking is if there an enable/ disable automation function, that will allow me to make automation only when i want to.

As far as track vs rack. I see your point, and I do like the idea to have an individual instance for each timbre. And that is what I used to do, when I didn’t know that you can load up multiple timbres into one instance of kontakt or omnisphere ( I would end up with 10+ individual kontakts for orchestra). Right now I’m using the rack set up as means to unload the cpu and sound engine. However, if you know a more efficient set up in terms of workflow,by all means - share - I’m all for efficiency.

And to comeback to automation. I love Cubase. Its workflow suits me( thats why I switched Reason>Fl>logic>Cubase), I just wonder if there is anyway to get rid of the volume automation parameter, since it appears by default when a group track( or any fader track) is created.

OK, couple of suggestions.

First when you create a new Group Track you are given an option of creating it in a Folder or not. If you create them inside the Folder it will create a Folder called Group Tracks. When this Folder is closed you can’t accidentally click and create data points.

Second there is a set of buttons in the Toolbar that you can show called State Buttons. One of these “A” suspends all automation reading & writing. This will stop you from writing any automation while the button is on.

One assumption that folks make is that it uses less resources to have 1 single instance of Kontakt (or any multitimbral instrument) playing 10 different instruments than it takes to have 10 Tracks each running its own instance of Kontakt playing a single instrument. Search the forums if you want all the gory details, but it turns out both approaches use approximately the same resources but spreading the load around gives Cubase more flexibility on managing those resources. Do what is going to make your own workflow easier and not what seems like it might make it easier on the computer.

So, the “A” button did not help, yes - it suspends writing, but it still allows me to create the points, look at gif. and then when i turn off the “A”, the group track slider jumps to whatever value was previously therein automation. I just wonder why they made that low border to be clicked for automation…