accidental deletion of pre installed presets in chorder

I just wondered if anyone had a solution to accidental deletion of chorder presets namely piano player guitar player etc.

I assumed clean install would rectify this and have uninstalled and re installed cubase8 64 exe several times they do not reappear as probably like all programs remnants are left.

This was after deletion of the cubase 8 folder on both the program 86 and program files in windows 7 64bit home edition.

By the way coming from cubase 5 to 8 this program is impressive more complex but the chorder function to me is outstanding.


Oh shit I just deleted the presets too, hope it’s not permanent? The chorder function is really wicked, so good for learning piano. Also the Chord assistant is really amazing, best feature- going to help me write music so much so thank you.

Hi Hydro,

I opened a support ticket couple of days ago I will put what they say here I was all through the registry trying to delete any trace hoping for a clean install with the presets back.
But probably there will be a much easier solution.
Yes I agree with you about chord assistant its like the shortcut to years of piano playing knowledge bring it up point and click your chord structure til it sounds how you want before you even record it.
Yes I changed player incorrectly and it now seems to be locked to a crazy nutter playing piano.
And the loss of the default presets means sadness I am no longer a piano player.
Hey I noticed you have Komplete 10 ultimate and a bit of comp power how is everything running?
Is Komplete worth the price in your opinion?

Hey, thanks for your reply, I’d be interested to hear what they have to say, for the meantime you can readd whichever chords you want, and the chord assistant is still there for me so not a massive worry.

Yes Komplete 10 Ultimate is good, there’s a lot of content I’ve bearly began to explore everything in it. In terms of how everything runs I believe all the NI stuff is good and reliable, I am experiencing out of sync issues and crashing with my fresh install of Cubase 8 and Windows 7 64 bit though, I also have UAD so it’s hard to know where the problem is really. But yes, I would definitely recommend K10. :slight_smile: