Accidental purchase made in the Steinberg February Sale

I incidentally ordered some HALion content (Transverse) I’d forgotten I’d bought in the Black Friday sale in November 2023

I’m just double checking that the correct email for refunds is given that the transaction was processed by Fastspring. It was bought from

If there is another channel to go down please let me know here

Thanks in advance


Here click on Billing and Refunds and then choose the Refund Instructions link.

Fastspring operates the Steinberg Online Shop. That’s why you are directed there.

Thanks Martin. Exactly what I’ve done! I really don’t want or need two separate licenses of Transverse! Clearly I bought it back in November and haven’t even used it.and just forgot I’d already bought it in the sale . In future I will try to be more diligent

I even entered the Download Access Code into the Steinberg Download Assistant (it was then that I smelt a rat!) after I’d bought it! Surely that license can easily be removed given that I made contact as soon as I could and haven’t activated the second license in any way - it is not on any of my systems

How long does the refund process take if you paid with PayPal?


If you didn’t activate it, the license will be refunded.

Sorry, I don’t know. I eouldn’t expect more than a week.

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Many thanks to Ed Doll and Martin for making this pain free.