Accidental to the left of a trill symbol

Accidentals accompanying trill symbols sometimes occur to the left of the tr symbol. One sees this in Beethoven’s piano music (from the first edition):

There is a lot to be said for this variation since it is very compact and the accidental doesn’t run into a following continuation squiggle.

Schenker’s edition of the piano sonatas engraves several of these. If this variation is not possible in Dorico, it might be added.

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I think this seems reasonably achievable with Engraving Options / Ornaments / Trills:

Set the interval positioning “to the Right” which then activates the Horizontal Position / Gap between trill mark and interval setting. Set that to a negative value to bump the accidental back before the trill marking. I used -2 3/4 here. There will now be too large of a gap between the trill marking and line, so change that Horizontal gap setting too. I used 2 1/8 here.

I didn’t do an exhaustive test, but it seems like Dorico can handle this now with some easy settings tweaks.


Bravo, FredGUnn! That seems to work very well. And given the fact that it is relatively infrequent, probably not necessary to add it as an option. It might be mentioned in the documentation, however, if it hasn’t been previously,

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