Accidentally clicked that green R button up top, how to undo?

Now every single tracks shows as if it has automation. I need to only see tracks have green R if they have actually automation.

Is there a way to turn off all green Rs where there’s no automation?

Click it again

Hi Nuieve,
I understand your issue… I tried it but clicking again only does what the button says… Activate/Deactivate Read for all tracks. Maybe as a workaround you could disable Read for all tracks and then Right-click one of the track headers and select Show All Used Automation from the quickmenu. All Used Automation will expand so you can identify which tracks have actual Automation. Then I’m afraid you have to manually select the R for each track seperatly. Hope it is helpfull…

That’s what I’ve been doing. In a project with 200+ tracks that’s a lot of clicking to fix one accidental click.

Cubase can be so ungodly dumb sometimes.

Yessss… Indeed. I feel your pain…

Is it possible you don’t understand the function of that button? This activates the reading of automation that is already present in the project. It does not display or hide anything.

What is it that you want to have happen?

Hi Steve… Sorry a bit late. I tried it and after using the global “R” button it will change the state of all the tracks. In the pictures below you see the intial state with 3 tracks with automation edits. The other tracks were never automated. Hitting the global green “R” button it will not be green any more and will disable the “R” of the 3 tracks. It would be nice if hitting the global “R” again would only bring back the status of the 3 tracks but it doesn’t. Instead all “R”'s will turn green. Important to know that none of the other tracks were ever used for automation. I understand it is a global button so I agree that this behaviour is to be expected. However after saving and reopening the project there is no way to turn back from this state leaving Nuieve a lot of manual work.

Initial state with 3 tracks enabled for Read automation:

Disabled global “R” so not green on the tracks anymore:

The next time you hit the global “R” the status of all the tracks turns green: