Accidentally Deactivated E-licenser


I formatted my PC yesterday, and today I installed again my cubase 8.5 artist. When I’m using my e-licenser I think error occured. I saw 2 soft licenser on my products. then I want delete one of them. but accidentally used zero downtime on my E-licenser (broken &damage option, which is not) . But I have my E-licenser and now it is deactivated. I want to use it again. any helps ?

and also it says on licences tab, All applications 25 h

Download and install the latest version of the eLicenser Control Center:

If your licenses still don’t show up after installing, contact support right now through your MySteinberg. Only them can help you.

On the website, elicenser deactivated already. I can’t send any ticket because my of country. I sent private message to the support member. Hope he helps.