Accidentally deleted Startup sequence png, where can I get them?

So I wanted to change my Cubase 10 pro startup sequence menu like a lot of other people did but accidentally went on and deleted the original 4 png files that were there,
Now my startup login screen is not there instead I only get the info line running till Cubase starts up then everything works fine
My question is: where can I get them back?

The path of these files on my mac is : applications–> cubase—>right click—>show package content—>contents–>resources–>statup.

The 4 file names are:


p.s for future curiosity how do I edit these files to get a more personal startup sequence?

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Here take your files. (137 KB)
You can edit pics with ANY photo editor like Photoshop. Save it somewhere else, rename it with the same file name and replace it.
Very simple… :wink:

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