Accidentally deleting inserts from Mixer (delete key)

OK - I accept this is probably my fault and I may even have selected a “do not ask me this again” option or something in the past, but I could do with your help on this.

I run multi-screen and tend to have the mixer on screen 2 all the time. Here is where I tend to cause myself a problem. If I’m running an insert on a channel and I decide to have a look at it, naturally I’ll click it once on the mixer and it pops up. I change a setting or whatever and then close the insert. That insert stays selected on the mixer. If I then record something and decide I want to record it again - I’ll hit delete to remove the previously recorded element of the arranger, but instead - because that insert is still selected - it deletes the insert from the mixer without asking me to confirm

That can be a bit annoying when I’m using something like an amp/cab simulator and I havent yet saved the sound as preset et

Is it possible to select something in preferences that at least asks me to confirm deletion before it deletes my insert with no ability to undo?

thanks all - :slight_smile:



I din’t know about this Key Command, cool! :slight_smile:

In the Preferences > VST > Plug-ins, you can find: Warn Before Removing Modified Effects. Enable this option. This is what you are looking for, I would say. :wink:
Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 1.14.03.png

Thanks Martin - I didn’t know about this either.

Hi Martin - thanks for taking the time to reply and for the screenshot. That check box is already ticked on my set up - but unfortunately they can still be accidentally deleted from the mixer (although only with the delete key - it does warn if you try to drag it away) -

If you have any other ideas - I’m all ears as they say! :slight_smile: thanks - Jon

done the same thing a million times… really annoying!

done the same thing a million times… really annoying!

At least it’s not just me! :slight_smile:

this my usual scenario… creating a new track - adding inserts effects - start recording - delete the recording… no, deleted the insert effect, shouting NOT AGAIN!!! - re add the insert effect - click the ARRANGER window - rerecord :slight_smile:

It’s like you have a video feed from my studio!