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I feel incredibly foolish for asking this question, but I’ve been searching all over the Internet and cannot figure it out :frowning: I accidentally removed Steinberg’s UR22 from my computer’s “speaker properties,” and now I can’t hear anything I record. It seems to still record, and the device setup shows the midi input as still active–but when I go to the device setup, the midi out is listed inactive. I’m not sure how to reactivate?? I tried going in through the control panel (hardware and sound>device manager) but it says the device is working properly and is enabled. (I tried disabling and re-enabling but no success.) Any advice for a rookie? Thank you!

Also, as I am clearly over my head with trying to learn Cubase 7, do you have any suggestions on the best way to learn without putting myself through these accidental headaches? I know there’s going to be a lot of trial and error along the way, but if you can recommend any DVDs or books that teach Cubase 7, I would deeply appreciate it. Thanks again!

It might be simplest for you to simply re-install the UR22 (or perhaps a de-installation followed by a re-installation).

I would check to see if any Steinberg courses are being offered in your area, live instruction is often better.
There are a number of video tutorials available on YouTube - many from Steinberg itself. There are is also a Certified Tutorial available in the Steinberg Shop which I can readily recommend :
I’m sure a few people will respond with recommendations for books and other printed guides.

I think it would be advantageous though if you would, in a few words explain or describe why you want to use Cubase? What are your goals or aspirations?

Thank you, BriHar! Uninstalling and re-installing was exactly what I needed to do. Thank you also for the advice about the Steinberg courses and tutorials.

In answer to your question, I am hoping to learn to use Cubase to record my own compositions–recording both voice and instruments (mostly midi although a few woodwinds over the mic). I want to learn to record and edit effectively, and in time I would also like to learn to use the score editor.

Thank you again for your helpful explanation!

Welcome GS_Daughter.

In your quest to learn the Score Editor, may I suggest getting used to using the Key Editor first, since you will be doing mostly MIDI, as I do.

You may find it a good mid-step to the Score Editor, and may speed up your learning process considerably. :slight_smile:

I just remembered that there’s a site that will speed things up for you with a series of short videos that many watch.

[Short as in 4-15 minutes long each.]

Once there, you have 3 options:

  1. Buy the videos outright and watch them where & when you want.
  2. Pay $15.00 and watch everything on their site for a month.
  3. Pay $150.00 and watch everything on their site for a year.
    [$99.00 sale once in a while - usually at the end of the year.]

The Cubase 7 videos can easily be viewed in one sitting of 2-3 hours, or across a day or two [or at any pace you like].
Ideally, you would have Cubase up & running as you watch along and emulate what’s being done & shown in the video[s] for hands on practice & visual on-screen results.

Then you could view the Cubase 7.5 ones if you choose to upgrade.

You can also find some things on Youtube as suggested above, although for the $15, I would go with Groove3 first, as they start with the basics and progress along logically & categorically.
Main Access Page
22 Videos - 2.5 Hours
21 Videos - 3 Hours
30 Videos - 3 Hours, 16 Minutes

So that’s 73 videos almost 9 hours in total for just $15.00. :smiley:
[You could easily watch them again & again within the one-month time frame.]

Hope this helps.

By the way, I commend you on your chosen desire of wanting to learn Cubase 7.
Some consider it to be one of the harder DAWs out there, although I find it easier than my first 2 DAWs.
It certainly has much to offer, although myself, I may never use some of the many options & features that it has but it’s nice to know they’re there if ever needed.

Feel free to ask more, if needed. :wink:

Thank you so much, Jamusic! That was very encouraging and insightful! Yes, I will definitely look over those videos, and I will also start with Key Editor before getting into Score Editor. Thank you for your time!

You’re very welcome! Glad to help.

Most, if not all of us from DAW to DAW started out knowing little to nothing at all.

In my case, I knew absolutely nothing about DAWS when I started with my first one - [not Cubase].

So many of us had to learn from scratch over time - often with help from others.

So don’t hesitate to ask things. Usually a number of folks chime in to help out.

Just be prepared for the dreaded ‘RTFM’.

Sometimes a stern ‘RTFM’ may be posted as a reply & come across as a tad ‘unfriendly’.

No worries - it just like a dog bark - [instead of a bite]. :smiley:

@ GS_Daughter
Best of luck, and perhaps we’ll cross paths again.