Accidentally pressed "Alt+A" with everything selected

I was trying to zoom to fit the entire project, so I selected everything with Ctrl+A, then wanted to zoom to fit using Alt+S, but I accidentally pressed “Alt+A”. According to the Key Commands, this “Activate/Deactivate Focused Object”. What exactly did I do? There is nothing int the Undo History, so maybe this was benign.

Thank you!

P.S. Windows 7, Cubase Pro

I think you are fine. I assigned a key to the command and played around with it and couldn’t figure out what it did. But since it is an edit command, if it actually did something in your Project it would show in the Edit History. Since it didn’t you’re cool.

For future reference when something happens where you are not sure if you changed stuff or not; then File/Revert is your friend. This assumes you save frequently - but we’re all doing that right :wink:

Coincidentally I have Alt+A assigned to a Macro that does exactly what you were going for, select everything then set Locators.

Thanks, Rodger. Yes, I went back to a previous version just to be safe. There doesn’t seem to be anything about this command in the manual either! Just a mention of “Activate/Deactivate Focused Object”. I don’t want to accidentally deactivate something, so I’m going to remove or reassign this command. Too easy to blunder into something without realizing it.

The Key Commands are woefully under-documented. There are a bunch where it is hard-to-impossible to figure out what they do; even for very experienced users.

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