Accidentally purchased full Cubasis 3 when I already bought the LE3 in-app upgrade

Hi there.

Last week I began to use a new iPad Pro to record music, so searched for Cubasis 3 in my account to install it. The App Store search result said I hadn’t bought Cubasis 3, even though I was fairly sure I had. It did say I had downloaded Cubasis LE 3. Anyway, I thought my memory must be faulty, so I went ahead and purchased the Cubasis 3 full app. When I ran it for the first time, none of the in-app instruments were available, and that’s when I began to remember that I had actually bought those. None would restore, though.

I went ahead and downloaded Cubasis LE 3 to check, and my in-app purchases were all there - including the upgrade to full feature Cubasis. That’s when I realized that I had unnecessarily purchased the Cubasis 3 full app.

I reported the issue to the App Store and asked for a refund, but they have refused twice. So, what do I do now? I have clearly bought the same product twice on my App Store account, and would love to receive a refund for Cubasis 3 and have it removed from my available Apple apps.

I use an Apple iPad Pro M1, and am in the Australian App Store.

Payment & subscriptions > budget & history

Can you find your first purchase there?
Also doesnt google sends you an email of purchases?

Try to gather proof of both purchases, i recogn that would help in making your case.

This is from the Apple store, not Android. However, I do have evidence of the purchases, and Steinberg also has a record in my account. However, Apple were unwilling to provide a refund nor give a reason. I tried twice, but it was rejected both times, hence why I’m contacting Steinberg Support.

Could I just check if this is the place to get Steinberg support? It is where the Steinberg support process sent me, but I want to talk to a Steinberg team member to sort out the refund and rescind the app license, rather than receive user advice.

Hi @rockportrait,

Thanks for your message and sorry for our late reply.

Unfortunately only Apple is able to refund your app purchase.

I would suggest trying to get in touch with them via phone to re-discuss the issue with them face to face.

Hope that helps! Please keep me updated.

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Thank you. I’ll try by phone as soon as I am able to.

Hi @rockportrait,

Thank you. I’ll try by phone as soon as I am able to.

Hopefully it will work out! Normally we know Apple to be very pro consumer oriented.

Please keep me updated.

Good luck,