Accidentals crash

I’m excited to work with the microtonal capabilities of Dorico, but have a crash whenever I click “Add Glyph” in the Edit Accidental window when trying to create a new accidental. I can work around this by adding a glyph to an existing accidental then deleting the previous one, but I’m going to run out of accidentals to modify. I’m running El Capitan. Does anyone have any ideas about this?

Thanks for the help!

I’ve also found that the accidentals panel is not responsive, regardless of the accidentals present. If I click anything aside from the main 5 accidentals, they either don’t display, or display as double sharps or flats.

Make sure you make a selection in the list of accidentals before you click the Add button, and that should avoid the crash. There are a few problems with this dialog in the current version, and one of our developers is working in this area right now. I expect things to be in a much better state in the first post-release update.