Accidentals, e.g.,

Given the setting “Always restate” here, I would have thought that the last bar of this sequence, i.e., bar 13, would have presented the last three notes with their respective accidentals displayed, but I can’t seem to find a way to achieve that. What’s not getting through to me? The notes I want to hear are F#, G#, and F#. Maybe I should rewrite the notes? These settings were added after the notes were written. So…I tried it. Just those three last notes, played on the midi keyboard. No change. The pitches still sound right: F# and G#.

That’s a “Second Viennese School” option. If you don’t have that selected here, then that option won’t be used.

(Clifford would expect them to remember those anyway although he might tell them to double-check the chord changes in bars 3 & 11, well 4 and 12 if you are numbering the pickup )

Poor Clifford. He died so young. Too bad, or we could ask him. what to do.

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Bravo! That was the problem. Thank you, Fred.

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Definitely check the changes in the 3rd and 11th bars of the melody though. I just pulled off the bass line that George Morrow played to confirm, and here’s what I hear. (Fmaj7 in bar 3, Gbmaj7 bar 11)

(Crud, that last G is on 4 but I didn’t save the file.)

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