Accidentals gap to ledger lines

I’m trying to enlarge the gap between sharps and naturals to ledger lines:
Accidental gap to ledger line default

I can use the “Accidental x offset” in the properties, but is there a way to globally enlarge the gaps?

There’s an Engraving option “Accidentals > Gap to right > Gap to right of rightmost flat sharp or natural, if to left of unshortened ledger line” which is set to 1/2 spaces by default, but changing this value has no effect.

I’m fairly sure your example is a note with a shortened ledger line (i.e. Dorico is making the ledger line to the left of the notehead a little shorter, allowing the accidental to sit a bit closer), and therefore the gap options above the one you screenshot should apply? There’s a setting for each type of accidental.

Thanks Lillie, that did the trick. “Shorten ledger lines” is enabled by default in the Engraving options > Notes > Ledger lines on notes with accidentals. Changing the “Gap to the right of rightmost accidental, if a natural” from 1/2 to 3/8 spaces gives me the result I was looking for.
Accitentals gap to ledger line corrected