Accidentals in multiple voices

Is there a setting to control whether accidentals are restated when a note appears in one voice that has already been modified by an accidental in another voice earlier in the bar?

For instance, in polyphonic instrumental music, you normally wouldn’t restate the flat sign for a B-flat in voice 2 if a B-flat at the same octave had already been stated in voice 1 earlier in the bar. But in music where 2 players are sharing a system, such as a divided string section or choir, you would restate the accidental, since the players/singers encountering it might not have noticed it earlier in the other part.

I could have sworn there was such an option among the millions under Notation Options > Accidentals… but I can’t find it now.

No, there’s no such option. When we eventually have support for condensing music belonging to multiple players being notated on the same staff, I would anticipate us handling this then; at the moment, for better or worse, the assumption is that the same human is reading all of the notes on a given staff.

Totally fair. Then the only remaining puzzle is why I thought it existed…!

Thanks for your explanation.

I actually also thought this was possible in a setting somewhere. So at the moment the accidentals in the other voice will have to be made manually? I have for example a single staff with in voice 1 sax 1 and in voice 2 sax 2. When one get an accidental natural, the other one should also play it that way, which it does, but doesn’t show it.

At the moment, any use of a single staff to show multiple unique players is unexpected user input. The only exception I can think of is Choir (Reduction). I’m guessing this functionality might appear when Condensing appears.