Accidentals or Symbols in Project Info?

I’ve searched for awhile, and can’t find this anywhere.

Is there a way to place formatted text and symbols into the Project Info? For instance, Symphony in Bb (with the flat symbol) as the Project title?

I’ve resorted to using regular text rather than tokens, then adjusting text size and superscript on the symbol. I place the title and movement as a header on every page of the score, so this is time consuming.

I realize that there’s no text editor associated with the Project Info - but plenty of people use flat and sharp symbols in their titles. This would be a worthwhile effort, and would make Tokens even more useful.

On a Mac enable the ‘Show Input menu in menu bar’ option from System Preferences > Keyboard > Input Sources.

At that point you can search for accidentals in the Character Viewer window (Musical Symbols in the list at the left), which you invoke from ‘Show Emoji & Symbols’; use them, and they will be added to Frequently Used at the top left of that window.

Then paste them wherever you need them from there - as in this grab.

If you place this text on a master page, it would automatically appear on every page of the score.

Academico contains natural, flat, and sharp characters, and I’ve just had success copying and pasting them straight into Project Info (from Font Book on mac. On Windows I’d imagine Character Map is helpful, unless it’s been superseded). They show just fine as part of any token. For the time being I believe you’re limited to using Academico or another font that happens to contain the relevant glyphs.

Oh, and notesetter’s absolutely right, of course. You could even apply it to the master page as
Symphony in Bb - {@flowTitle@}

That way you’d get the (fixed) title at the top of each page and the (varying) movement name too, all using one master page.

Thank you all! Very helpful. I’m still on Windows - loooong and painful story… But the workaround putting it in the master will certainly help.

I did try copying the glyph into Project Info and it didn’t seem to work. Nevertheless, I will want the glyph in superscript and the font size will need changing to appear large enough.

There is a simple keyboard shortcut for the character viewer window: Ctrl-Cmd-Space

Of course; thanks VIPStephan… very useful :slight_smile:

Dear RMPdirector,
The fact that we cannot format text in project info (superscript and so on) is a problem I’ve ran across, and I hope this will be improved in due time!

I’ve just ran into the same problem. I hope that in the near future (maybe in the next update/version?), this will be addressed… Thank you Dorico Team!