Accidentially lost my Cubase 11 (Grace Period Eligible) license, unable to upgrade to Cubase 12

Step 1. I recovered my elicense and it showed Grace Period Eligible
Step 2. I suddenly recalled the Cubase 11 was reactivated on another Win PC, so the Mac I’m using is currently under a illegal license
Step 3. I re-install the eLicense Control Center and get a new eLicense number
Step 4. I reactivated the Cubase 11 on my new eLicense soft-ware number
Step 5. I tried to maintence and recover the license, nothing happens, the Grace Period Eligible was gone, forever…

My soft-elicense number : 1513175280 - FF7DCCB8EB

And the Cubase 11 was bought comfortably in the Grace Time Period…

Here is the invoice:

Other things you may wanna check:

Other things you may wanna check:

Same here. I bought an upgrade license for Cubase Elements 11, I’ve changed hardware and reactivated the license for the new pc: the old license is eligible for grace period but on a eLicenser deactivated, the new license (after reactivation process) is not eligibile! Please help us ! @Mattias_Quellmann

Did you solve it, after so many days?
Their custom service seems useless!!

Solved, you have to write a message in this thread

and Ben or Mattias will send you a PM with a new code

After a few days, I did not succeed in updating to 12, although I am allowed to do so. I will not receive an email. Thank you for your help.
my account.

I’ve sent you a PM. Let me know how you get on.