Accordion Registers

Dear Members

I cannot find out the way how to write register-symbols for Accordion. I found the appropriate glyphs by chance while creating new accidentals, they where somewhere in Bravura font - but how is it possible to use them as playing techniques in the music?

Thank you for some help!

You can use Engrave > Playing Techniques to create accordion register symbols. Here is the relevant documentation: let us know if you get stuck.

If you want i can help yo too

You see Daniel, it would be interesting in the future to incorporate Accordion register. :grinning:

Dear Daniel

thank you very much for that speedy answer - that was the solution! It’s just a bit complicated to get access to these common symbols. But: I’m new with Dorico (using for 20 years Sibelius) - and step by step after having copied some of my solo-pieces for trombone, I understand the concept and I am very impressed: it’s a fantastic software - I hope very much that the suggestions from the contemporary music colleagues (staff styles e.g.) will be implemented soon, the microtonal possibilities are just great, never seen something like it before.

Thank you very much, best greetings


Dear Laurent

Thank you - Daniel’s suggestion helped me. Best, Lukas