Accordion Stradella Bass Note and VST mapping


I have a Stradella bass VST with accordion sounds, featuring Major, minor, 7th, and Diminished chords within each octave group.

Is there a way to customize the symbols below to match the VST mapping ?

  • M: Major chord
  • m: minor chord
  • 7: 7th chord
  • d: Diminished chord

For instance, by assigning the “M” symbol to a specific note, it would shift up one octave (based on the Bass group) to align with the Major chord group.

Similarly, using the “m” symbol would result in a two-octave shift, and so forth.



@MeowMeow , welcome to the forum.
I know there is a Playback technique for transposing up an octave. So you should be able to apply that to your M Playing technique. You will want to make that an attribute technique, so it applies only to the note marked by the M.

Someone more familiar with Playing and Playback techniques will, I hope, chip in soon to describe how you might create a technique for a two-octave transposition.

Thanks for your reply !

Is there any details steps to do that ?


Hello @MeowMeow

In my opinion, the best way to write is to have
Right hand staff his accordion
Left-hand staff for your piano
Then just add an extra staff with the notes corresponding to the bass stradella sounds.
Obviously, this is going to go all over the place.
Then you need to mutate the accordion’s left hand piano staff and hide the track where you’ve incorporated the midi data.
I hope that’s clear enough.
I get very good results this way.