Account locked

Hey guys,
A producer friend of mine used phone authenication app to login the Steinberg account (cubase 12 pro user). He has lost the old phone and he does not know how he can instal an authenticator on the phone. He does not have old mails, does not know how to get QR code or recovery codes, he cannot even log to the forum to get help, completly locked.

Please help and advice, thanks on his behalf


There is no way for the Users here in the forum to get the two-factor authentication reset. Your friend needs to contact Steinberg Support and request to remove 2FA from his Account.

Ok how can he contact support (he is from Poland)?

All contact infos are on the Steinberg website

Yup. Found an email to Yamaha in Poland. Thanks

Just for future reference if someone has a similar issues.l, let me provide am update. My collegue reached Yamaha Poland as Steinberg does not provide direct support for PL. Via phone as email provided didnt work. He was told the account cannot be unlocked but he needs to create a new account and the request to transfer his licences to it. Pretty bizzare i have to say