Here’s a really annoying problem: I have to use an acellerando… over 3 bars, then 1/4 = 100, followed by rit… over some bars, then 1/4 = 60.
I write it in the score and position it, so it is in line.
Then I correct the vertical positions in say violin 6, and move to another part, just to look and do nothing. Then, when I come back to violin 6, all the the written tempo stuff has jumped out of it’s vertical position. That’s a mess!!!
Besides, when I move 1 element, the others tend to jump around in strange ways, and ctrl+z does not bring them back in position.
It is a bad consequence of the automations, that are meant to to life easier! Is there a way to do this, or is the program just sick?

Best greetings
Per Dybro

I’m unable to reproduce this problem in a new project; could you perhaps attach the project in which you’re having this problem here, or send it to me by email at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de with a reminder of which thread it’s in relation to.

Well, I think I solved the problem now, but I will try to reconstruct what went wrong during the weekend and mail you :slight_smile:

What went wrong was, that I tried to mark two bars within a longer stretch of tied notes to input an accell… . Of course it placed itself at the start of the tied note one bar earlier, and I dragged it to its proper place. The same procedure was used, when I input the ritardando shortly afterwards. The system could not cope with that. If I dragged the accell and rit. from the panel into the score, all works perfectly.

You can use the arrow key to move your caret to where you want it within the tied note and then add the accel.

Thanks Derrek!