Acid Loops in OGG format are not correctly imported in Cubase 10

BUG: Acid Loops in OGG format are not correctly imported in Cubase 10.
At least the original tempo in the meta information is not read (perhaps also other data like root note etc and beats).

I have a reproducable ACID sample both in WAV and OGG format in the attachment.
Note that meta information in the WAV file is in the WAV file itself. Meta information in ACID OGG files is in a file with the same name with extension ogg.sfl. (because OGG cannot contain the ACID meta information in itself).

When importing in Cubase you will notice that the WAV file is correctly interpreted with tempo 120bpm, while the OGG version is interpreted at 160bpm.

Sony (Sonic Foundry) provided a free audio converter called Sonic Foundry Batch converter which still works great.
It can reduce an ACID WAV file by a factor 5 (in OGG 256 kbps) without any noticeably degradation.
If needed I can provide the Sonic Foundry Batch converter 5.0b to Cubase Engineers (which is the latest).
As far as I know SF Batch Converter is the only converter that keeps the ACID loops meta information while converting.

I have thousands of ACID files in OGG format which saves a lot of space, so it would be a great feature if CUBASE could recognize the meta information in the OGG correctly.
ACID Ogg and Wav (341 KB)