Acoustic Agent Metro Heights

I run Cubase 9.5.20 on Windows 10 and I have Groove Agent SE4, normally using Cubase’s standard studio kits and ‘Alternative Essentials’, ‘Jazz Essentials’ and ‘Pop Essentials’ as the basis for my drum sounds. Yesterday, I bought the Acoustic Agent add-on “Metro Heights Presets” just released by Steinberg. There are issues with the size of the files being loaded into Cubase, but the big problem I have is that after loading a Metro Heights Preset, touching any of the Instrument Pads with the mouse causes an error message and Metro Heights freezes. If I create a separate Instrument Track and load, say, Pop Essentials Presets, there’s no problem. Cubase will continue to play, but Metro Heights is unusable. Before I cast judgement on Steinberg, perhaps someone on the Forum has a solution?

The error message is
“A serious problem has occurred: Please try to save your project under another name and then restart Cubase9.5.exe. If this problem persists please contact Steinberg Technical Support with a description of what you do to create this problem, and the created file (shows file path to CrashDump …)
Click OK to be informed about other occurrences of serious problems, or ‘Cancel’ to suppress these warnings in case of cascading warnings!”


Please share the created crash dump file.