Acoustic Agent/Quadrafuzz/VST Bass amp files missing

I’ve tried re-installing Cubase Pro 8 and the 8.0.5 upgrade but simply cannot find Acoustic Agent anywhere!! I’ve taken all the advice from various forums to look for it in Mediabay but to no avail.
I had expected it to be a kit one could select in the Beat Agent part of Groove Agent SE 4 and to be loaded from there but it seems from what people are saying that it has to be found via Media Bay and loaded from there - which seems crazy to me, but hey! - but there is nothing called Acoustic Agent, or Acoustic Kit in my mediabay files.

As I upgraded primarily to get Acoustic Agent drums, this has become very frustrating. Help please!

Also when I try to insert Quadrafuzz and/or VST Bass Amp I get a " **** Impulse File Missing" message.

I have the same problem- just upgraded from Cubase 7.5 to Cubase Pro 8. Have OSX 10.9.5, tried reinstalling Cubase 8 and updates. The main reason I upgraded was to uses the Acoustic Agent, which isn’t there.

I’m also having that issue when I load bass amp and I can’t find acoustic agent either