Acoustic Agent Question

In Beat Agent you can change the instrument sounds. In Acoustic Agent it seems you can’t say change the cymbal or whatever. Am I missing something or is it not possible to change instrument sounds in Acoustic Agent? I know it has an option for 2 snares and kicks.


Cymbal sounds are best manipulated using EQ, reverb or fx. Directly or enveloped/filtered. You have some options in the mixer section of GA4, but cubase has a larger number of possibilities. Some convolution reverbs offer creative impulse responses that can change the cymbals dramatically (but still sound like cymbals/cymbalish) . You can also use synths that offer fx on your cymbals. Best is then to have your cymbals on separate tracks not to influence the other parts of a kit.

What I want to know is, can you change the instrument sounds in acoustic agent? If so, how?

you can only change kick & snare, you have 2 kick & 2 snare on each acoustic kit

Within kit you can only change kick and snare.

Thank you