Acoustic Agent SE - Beginners question about the presets

Hi All,

Started working with Groove Agent SE 4 today for the first time. Particularly looking at the Acoustic Agent kits. I have a question and confusion about the presets you load in. Please excuse my naivety!

There are a hand full of presets to load in on the Acoustic Agent. When I load in one of these in, is it loading a whole new set of sounds/samples, or is it loading in a set of tweaked parameters (as the options seem limitless) within that Acoustic Agent kit. I guess what I mean is… Is the Acoustic Agent one recorded/sampled kit, and the what the presets do is change the sound of that one kit/sample.

Hope that makes sense,


You have the Acoustic Agent SE Studio Kit. Each preset gives you different patterns and mix settings, but it’s all the one kit.

The exact simple answer I needed. Thank you!