Acoustic Agent SE: Customising the kit?

I’m coming from Addictive Drums 2 and would like to know: In Groove Agent SE 5 is there a way to customise an “Acoustic Agent” kit?

For example, is there a way to change the cymbal configuration so that there are 2 splashes instead of 1, or change the diameter of the ride cymbal, or change the size of the snare drum?

In AD2 you have “Cymbal 1” through “Cymbal 6”, and they can be configured as crashes, splashes, rides, chinas as you wish (whatever you have in your collection).

I realise I could use a “Beat Agent” to individually select samples but this typically doesn’t sound as realistic to me, even if I was to put the work in to assign up to 5 samples for every kit piece.

As far as I am aware you don’t have options in SE5 to change drums and cymbals.

In the Acoustic Agent expansions or the full version of Groove Agent 5, the kits have at least one alternate Snare and Kick to choose from, recorded in the same room as the rest of the kit.

Also in the full version, you can load up to 4 different kits in separate slots. By using the Hardware Controller Mapping function, changing all kits to use the same MIDI channel, then soloing the cymbals that you want to use, you can add/remove/replace cymbals from your drum kit.

Just keep in mind that the cymbals will be routed to different internal Groove Agent buses if you do this. You can get around that by routing your cymbals to a Group Track in Cubase.

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