Acoustic Agent - suggestion

Did a search and couldn’t find this - and not sure if I’m making a suggestion in the proper format or place. Happy to resubmit if someone can point me to the instructions for suggestion submission.

Acoustic agent - we need full editability. copy pads, re-assign pads, drop samples onto pads and so on. Beat agent allows far more and it makes no sense to me why Acoustic doesn’t get the same type of controls.

I suspect that the issue is the HQ proprietary sample kits - that stuff is not free. Constructing a quality playable kit takes serious time, I get that one should not be able to dismantle that, but there must be a way to retain both (NI Drum Labs)

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I get that, but assigning new samples to add to the kits would make it so much easier than adding a whole other kit on a different channel.

In my mind - Acoustic Agent is Beat Agent but with a nice realistic GUI. The underlying sample sets could be the same, but as mentioned probably not, I suspect for the same reason EZDRUMMER doesn’t allow sample mix with kits?