Acoustic Feedback in score editor

I mostly use score editor on Cubase 10. As opposed to previous versions it gives me just some shortened versions of the note when I select one, not the real length. Sometimes it doesn’t produce any sound at all.
Can anybody tell how caould I get the normal length of notes when selecting them in score editor just as it used to be on the older versions (Cubase 5 for example)

I want to point out that you are referring to the Acoustic Feedback feature.
There is a setting for that in preferences.
Go to Preferences>MIDI page and change the value for “MIDI Max. Feedback in ms” according to your needs.

Wawww! That was great! It worked! :slight_smile: Thanks a lot Maesrto!
Now may I ask something more?
When I pick up a note value and move the mouse to the place I’d like to place it there is Acoustic feedback of all the notes the mouse passes through. It is rather anoying. Could I stop it somehow?
Thank you very much!


Now you are asking too much. :laughing:
Feedback or no feedback, that is the question. :face_with_monocle:
The answer is: No.

But this could be a new feature.

To be clear, if you want to drag an existing note to a different pitch without hearing the intermediate notes when Acoustic Feedback is on, the answer is no.
Otherwise the answer is in your other thread:
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