Acoustic Feedback level in Sample Editor

The volume from Acoustic Feedback of a healthy waveform at the default level can be monitor destroying, and at least terrify even hardy souls at close range or using headphones. There’s NO control for the level of Acoustic Feedback in the actual editor, that I can find anyway. The signal is also not treated like the audio in the audio track you are working on - no effects or fader level etc.
Maybe I am doing something wrong there, and there’s an easier/better way to edit in place in the Sample Editor (level of the actual track, with fx etc?).

It’s a pain to have to go into Media Bay every single time I open a song and lower the Preview level there, and I often forget to do this before audio editing or just previewing sounds/loops etc.

This is very basic and a very small request I think, and I’m surprised Steinberg haven’t fixed it by now.

Maybe it is easier to control the Acoustic Feedback level if you use the Control Room thing, but I don’t as it its a bit too fiddly to bother for a solo musician.

The level can be changed in Media Bay, but Cubase 11 and earlier versions do not recall the setting when the same song is re-opened.