Acoustic Guitar simulation w/Electric Guitar

I apologize if this is already posted somewhere, but being as I’m fairly new to using DAWs, I may not be search for the right terms.

I am attempting to track my electric guitar plugged into my Komplete Audio 6, and similar to the Amp Simulator Plugins, I would have imagined that there would be a fairly simple plugin to simulate an Acoustic Guitar sound, or Bass Guitar, or any other type of sound. I’ve been thoroughly confused searching around for this. I see many Midi-Plugins like Strummed Acoustic from Komplete and others, but it doesn’t appear to be clear that this works in the same way that the VST Amp Rack does (I can’t tell if this is only for Midi inputs or what).

Does anyone have any feedback as to 1, is this possible? and 2, if so, what sort of plugins work well? I appreciate anyone’s input. I am running LE 9 if that matters. Thank you.


To do so, you have to convert your audio signal to MIDI data first (or Record MIDI data). Then you can use any sound.

Thanks for the reply.