Acoustic Guitar Simulator

Hi all,

any of you know of a good acoustic guitar simulator VST?
Iºm playing electric guitar and I want to record acoustic using a VST.

Free one would be fantastic, but cheap one can be an option too. I just don’t want to pay a lot for this.

I know of Amplitude 4, but I’ve listened to some Youtube videos and it doesn’t sound good. I’ve tried mooer GE200 acoustic simulator patch once and it sounded like want I’m looking for now.

thanks for any useful tip,


I use the Boss GP-10 virtual guitar system, which does a pretty decent job.

Before that, I developed my own answer to this problem, and it had 3 components:

  1. The regular guitar output, on neck pickup with neutral amp settings and tone controls set to emphasize the top end
  2. A microphone aimed at where the sound hole would be, to get the pick sounds
  3. Most importantly, a piezo mic. Google it, they cost about 50 cents. This was firmly taped to the lower horn of the electric guitar and generated most of the body and bass sounds. You lose bass if the tape gets loose.
    The guitar body picks up string vibrations thru the bridge, much as an acoustic guitar would, and it resonates in the same manner. However, the thin shell of the acoustic guitar moves air while the solid body of a regular guitar does not. But the body still vibrates, as you can tell by pressing your ear to it when you play the strings and have no amplification.

So if you can get all 3 inputs into cubase, all you have to do is mix them and tweak the tone on the conventional signal. It won’t fool many people if it’s at the front of the mix, but it won’t sound electric either.