Acoustic Pitch Feedback stopped working

I have Cubase 6.5 and recently there’s no sound when clicking or moving notes in Vari Audio Pitch & Warp. Acoustic pitch feedback is on. Doesn’t matter if it’s in solo or not. It does play back OK - just no sound when clicking or moving notes. I also don’t think I’m getting the dialog box advising that Cubase is activating Solo after analyzing the audio.

Everything was working just fine until recently - no updates or changes in settings were made since it last worked. I searched this forum and while there were a few posts about similar problems, none of the fixes apply because the settings are already in the recommended positions. I do not use control room.

Makes it hard to edit audio if you can’t hear it. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

I know this is a old post , but i bought Cubase 6.0 when it came out. Now 6.5 .
I didn’t realize there was audio when moving a audio note in Vari-audio.
Until a saw a video on Vari-audio did i realize you could here the note when moving a note, so mine never worked in the first place and with Cubase 7 coming out,i doubt anything will ever be done about it or even if it was considered a bug. I only seen a few people with this issue. I saw where one person said to make sure the Acoustic pitch feed back button was ticked…it is by default.

@ Springtide:
I found the issue: Not really a issue , but i was reading somewhere at this site ,that a person was having a different problem and was told to disable the ‘‘control room’’ in VST connections/ studio/ turn off power button colored blue
And your good to go.

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Does that mean you can’t use the control room??

tvine2000: I have never used control room, so I was skeptical. But I did as you suggested and viola! It works now. Thank you so much!! Still, I wonder why I had to do that, as it was working fine and I had never been in there to activate that power button. Oh well, at least I can carry on with my editing now. Thanks again.

Glad its working for you. Sometimes i wonder over time if things get corrupted just like any other programs in computers. I almost unin stalled Cubase and re install , but i didn’t. Sometimes i find Vari- audio and other things in Cubase don’t respond well or slow , chalk it up to the world of computers

I would say so

No, it means you have to set up a monitor bus.

OMG! That control room tip is golden! It is sooooo frustrating when stuff (seeming) randomly stops working and it then is so rewarding to find someone who took the trouble to actually post the solution :smiley:

Thank you very much, made my evening.

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YES This worked thank you