Acoustic signal when channel shows red and it is clipping

I want a button to activate following function:

When I’m recording and the Channel shows red for clipping I want a acoustic audio signal,
that I know it clipped.

So I don’t have to look on the screen when I’m recording.
I hear the audio signal and I know, aha, it clipped.

Who don’t want that function can deactivate it.


Well, it’s better to adjust gain so a signal doesn’t clip in the first place, isn’t it? We have 144 dB for that. This feature is very much ad hoc.

If you are even getting close to clipping, then you are recording way too hot in the first place. Back in the analog days it made sense to record as hot as possible without clipping. But modern digital recording has so much headroom that there is no need to record that hot. Set your input gain so you are peaking at -10 to -15 dB and don’t worry about clipping.